A COACHing Business in a Box

A life coaching business in a box

Discover New Paradigms for Personal Success and Professional Growth. Experience an interactive and results driven boot camp style business training into the key area of human potential and professional posture. Gain fresh perspectives on learning, leadership and loving self with powerful neuroscience-based tools, life-changing coaching skills and business practices that will increase sales, performance and profitability

Welcome to SMARTCOACH7, business coaching, wellness and life coaching



We are in the business of helping individuals and organisations fulfill their potential through better understanding the power of brain training, personal success, professional performance and coaching. We believe that 

SMARTCOACH7 is one of the smartest coaching models on the market (because it is holistic in nature and includes a life coach model, wellness coaching and business coachinga) and is a perfect opportunity for you, if you are dedicated to living your exceptional life, make a difference and make money. 

SMARTCOACH7 is literally a business in a box and our aim is to create a new spirit of enthusiasm in the hearts of men and women everywhere.  Our vision is to build a global team of coaches making a difference to the world one person (or group) and one coach at a time. We are dedicated to bringing out the best in you, inspiring and motivating you to creative excellence and business success. We are committed to building leaders with a new mind-set and tool kit to be effective in the rising challenges of today’s world. 

The reality is that excellence is achieved through quality not quantity, shifts in developing your mind and your skills and to appreciate the value of ‘wealthy thoughts’, high personal standards and a commitment to realizing your full potential. To live an exceptional life and achieve excellence in business, you must first retrain your brain to see the world differently and be open to new and exciting possibilities. 

SMARTCOACH7 is an intelligent decision to make and a highly profitable one because we work together in the pursuit of excellence. It is the standard by which we monitor what you do – it does not happen by accident, it comes as a result of ‘higher consciousness thinking’ and intended action. The measurement of your success begins with ‘quality thoughts and ends with a stamp of excellence.’ Nothing less! 

Susan and Caroline have combined knowledge and experience of more than 50 years in coaching, consulting, wellness and business. Would you like to write a book, deliver an online program, be a speaker, hold workshops, grow a coaching business and/or build a leveraged income? 

SMARTCOACH7 could be just what you are looking for.  Susan and Caroline are a powerful force of passion and purpose to help you be the women you were born to be, living the life you were born to live



In SMARTCOACH7 it is the right relationships that you form that will help you build your life coaching, wellness coaching business. We are looking for women to join our SMARTCOACH7 team that have skills, talents, experience and a heart’s desire for more. We believe that coaching is an art and as a life coach, wellness coach or business coaching you can change a person’s life for the better while building a better life for yourself. 


The SMARTCOACH7 coaching model has been developed as an accelerated learning program that will have you life coaching, wellness coaching and/or business coaching and making money immediately. We know that you can build an income of $5,000k $50,000k per month working part time or full time, with little or no staff, little or no stock and making money through linear and leveraged income streams.  


Imagine having a road map that could  lead you from the pain and anxiety of mediocrity to the pleasure and excitement of living your exceptional life.  What we have witnessed over the last few years is the virtual collapse of our economy and a lot of people looking for better health and financial security, there are a lot of pressures and a lot of people asking, whats next?


SMARTCOACH7’s mission is to encourage change sharing the latest methodologies and processes that transform how people think, develop and perform. The neuroscientific approach to winning your brain power (inner game - retrain your brain to hold beliefs that resonate with wealth) and perfecting your success skills (outer game – sales, strategies, systems and skill-set) offers a style of business coaching, that includes life coaching and wellness coaching... that is both simple to follow and results driven. 


SMARTCOACH7 is a complete coaching practice that offers a plan and a process that has formed powerful partnerships and sourced the world’s latest techniques, technologies, business practices and neuroscience that can literally transform lives. 

We have carved out a niche in the marketplace and it is with great pleasure that we invite you to consider this incredible opportunity with the right formula for success.





Initial training takes place over 5 days and,  because you would have learned some of the basic principles and methodologies in the pre-learning exercises, the 5 day intensive is all about setting a strong foundation, implementation, mastery and planning. You will;

  • Gain clarity on your vision 
  • Rewire your money consciousness
  • Release all fear 
  • Master your emotions
  • Build your confidence in selling 
  • Write your business plan 
  • Be worthy of success 
  • Get started making money immediately

The 5 day intensive consists of 5 interactive, fun and hands-on modules. These modules will stretch you, excite you, challenge you, educate you and motivate you towards building your confidence, certainty, self-worth and business acumen througb life coaching, wellness coaching and business coaching.





PHASE ONE of Training


MODULE ONE - Train Your Genius Brain for Success

Sometimes when you strive to achieve something you have not yet experienced you can encounter resistance from other people, your environment, yourself and often, before you even start.  

The ONLY place to start is here!

In this module you will;

  • Get the tools to train your brain, get clarity on your life plan and business vision 
  • See how to tap into your true potential by reconditioning and creating new neural pathways. This starts the process of unconscious competence
  • Learn how to use your emotions as a tool for success and to identify your emotional triggers. You will see reason and be objective, be brilliant at negotiations, be an effective communicator and a smart decision maker 
  • Identify unconscious behavior patterns and other internal filters that determine how you operate in the world
  • Experience a values elicitation process that will determine your personal and professional values

MODULE TWO - The Power of language (NLP, NRP) in Coaching

NLP, or Neuro-­Linguistic Programming, is the study of human excellence and communication. It provides you with the tools and techniques to run your own brain and manage your states, emotions and behaviors.  

In this module you will;

  • Discover how to use the spoken word and hypnotic language effectively to create change faster than any other tool to manifest results in the physical world

  • Stop old habits and self-sabotage that cause your brain to operate at low levels and limit your ability to be successful

  • Remove the threat of change and embrace it by measuring your growth and new habits

  • Reprogram a ‘new truth’ that influences success instead of the old belief that causes you to live in a state of struggle between your desire to live a better life and your fears

  • Make new connections that create thoughts, beliefs, habits and emotions and train your mind to work more efficiently

  • Learn how to use NLP to support your own continual growth and to be an effective and life-changing coach

MODULE THREE - Wellness and Wealth, the Perfect Partnership

The core fundamentals of SMARTCOACH7 consist of 7 prosperity principles. These have been strategically structured into a coaching framework that is a fun, interactive, role playing learning style that guarantees a sound understanding of how to work with the system, program and products. 

In this module you will;

  • Understand the magic of TRENDS
    Woman want to control how they age and live their life. The prospect of longer life spans is not only raising concerns about the quality of life, but also increased anxiety about financial resources and the prospect of loneliness – all of which the SMARTCOACH7 programs and products address
  • Appreciate the power of TIMING We live in an information age and women must be responsible for their future. This is why coaching is on a growth curve and SMARTCOACH7 gives you everything you need to provide women with the information, resources, tools and skills to take control of not only your future but that of your clients
  • Work with the best programs and products.  SMARTCOACH7’s approach to wellness coaching and personal development is more than
    skin- deep. We understand that looking, feeling and living your best means holistic wellness health and wealth management—critical internal factors that impact not just the way you feel but the way you look as you age, from the inside out and from the outside in. 

Our programs and products target two essential areas:

  1. WELLNESS - We target the source of ageing for the brain and the body  and build confidence, improved health, energy, sexual desire, mental alertness,  physical stamina and ‘youthful vitality’ for you and your clients.
  2. WEALTH – It is your birthright to live your rich life and that is whatever it looks  like to you. We know the success formula and when focus and commitment are  applied to this formula then you and your clients can expect to live a healthy,  rich, happy life. 

All programs are tailored specifically to suit a woman’s mental, physical, emotional and financial needs. The business structure demonstrates a distinctively innovative approach to business for you, the Coach, with a generous financial plan that rewards you for hard work, commitment and leadership. This is an opportunity that changes lives and it can change your life too. 

MODULE FOUR - Coaching is a Business

We believe business is all about making money, having fun and giving back and if you are not doing all three things easily then there are ‘pain points’ somewhere.  SMARTCOACH7 sets your life coaching, wellness coaching or business coaching  business up the RIGHT way so you have a strong, stable foundation and structure. No business is exempt from these ‘pain points’ but prevention is better than cure and when you follow our 7 step process then you have the best chance of success and the potential to achieve things most coaches only dream of.

In this module you will get;

Business Set-up
SMARTCOACH7 is your foundation for growth. It includes everything you need from an ABN (if you don’t have one), knowing your strengths and weaknesses right through to having a clear vision of your business plan

Business Systems
All successful businesses have systems in place and your coaching business is no exception. SMARTCOACH7 is a simple system that is effective and profitable

Business Strategies
‘What you do’ and ‘how you do it’ on a regular basis will either make or break your business. You will learn tried and true strategies that you can implement immediately that will give you exceptional results

Business Skill-set
‘What you KNOW’ and ‘what you don’t know’ are key points of importance if you want to be successful. SMARTCOACH7 will develop your success skill-set and build your business acumen

Business Start-up
Launching a new business can be daunting but SMARTCOACH7 will give you everything you need to get started immediately with confidence and posture

MODULE FIVE – The Art of Selling and Creative Marketing

The core of your business success is dependent on your selling confidence and your marketing skills. A well-designed marketing plan helps you raise awareness of your business, attracts more customers and boosts sales. SMARTCOACH7 integrates your marketing strategies into your company’s business plan, builds your confidence around selling and not only develops your marketing ‘know how’ but partners with you in various strategies that guarantee your ultimate success.
In this module you will;

STEP 1: Review the Market
This is the introductory review and will help you identify the following;

  • DESCRIPTION of product and services and the need you fill in the marketplace
  • DISTINCT marketing disadvantages and advantages
  • DIFFERENCE and comparisons to your competitors
  • DETERMINE your brand, strength, weaknesses and outside influences  

This is the ‘not so fun part’ of your marketing plan but SMARTCOACH7 has done most of the work for you. We help you identify your personal brand, develop your branding material and you are ready to go.

STEP 2: Identify Your Ideal Client(s)
You must know EXACTLY who wants and needs your products and services

SMARTCOACH7 is a complete brand that works within a specific niche market. We work with you to create your personal profile and branding within this niche market

STEP 3: Know Your Sales Goals

It is very simple ‘if you want to make money then you NEED to set goals’ both marketing and sales goals. Your goals need to be:
>>>Time Specific
[For example a goal of ‘increasing sales of program 1 is not very specific or measurable but a goal of increasing sales of program 1 by 20 percent over the next 12 months’ is much more specific and measurable]

SMARTCOACH7 has a complete marketing and sales ‘fill the gaps’ goal setting plan that makes it simple for you to follow and implement. 


STEP 4: Plan your Strategies and Tactics
This section is the heart of your marketing plan. It details what strategies you will work with [what you will do| and what tactics you will use to create it [how you will do it] 

SMARTCOACH7 already has sales and marketing strategies and tactics in place.
We will work together to implement them within your business and your location

STEP 5: Set your Budget
This section of your marketing plan will break down the projected expenses of your marketing efforts. tHis section includes any estimatexpenses for the creation, development and distribution of your materials

SMARTCOACH7 has everything set-up for you so you know exactly what you need to do and how much it will cost you 

STEP 6: Gather your Resources
As entrepreneurs we wear many hats but to build a successful business you need to identify with which hat fits you best and what hats you need to outsource or hire

SMARTCOACH7 has a team of professionals that you have access to that wear all the hats needed for your business to be successful 

STEP 7: Have a 90 Day Plan
‘Creating a simple plan to follow is as important as setting a goal to achieve it’

You will leave the SMARTCOACH7 business training with a 90 day action plan ready for you to make money immediately

‘Creating a simple plan to follow is as important as setting a goal to achieve it’


SMARTCOACH7 Business Training Structure


PHASE TWO of Training ‘Optimisation’


Business must lead to constant and never ending growth and profit. This is achieved through helping you build your business acumen, emotional intelligence, entrepreneurial mindset, and thinking skills, and to:

· Improve your business strategies, methods and performance 

· Further develop your critical thinking and problem solving skills  

· Keep you accountable for implementing SMARTCOACH7 success strategies

Modules 6 and 7 will be held one month after the 5 day intensive at our business premises 


We will work with the following solutions to determine:

TIME – how you are using time in relation to the results you are getting?

THOUGHT – the most common challenge facing you in terms of neuro- reconditioning.

LEARN – what you see as the most common challenge facing you in terms  of business foundation and business implementation.
DELIVER – whether you are staying on track and achieving your goals.
COACH – the single biggest support you think you need to achieve your goals.
REVIEW – the number one problem or issue that could be preventing you from achieving your goals.
PLAN – your revenue generating plan for the next 90 days and what help you will need to achieve it.

SELL – work on creating and designing the conversations you need to meet your sales targets.
SKILLS – what you need to do to use your unique abilities to grow your business
GAPS - The difference of where you are now and where you want to be in your business in the next 12/18/24 months. 

CELEBRATE – your breakthroughs and wins to set you up for more victories and to build the success culture of SMARTCOACH7.

We Build Motivated Leaders

The aim of SMARTCOACH7 is to develop ‘new leaders’ with the right framework needed to focus on peopl

The First Step to Leadership is to First Lead Yourself - Susan Sheehan



  • Increase effectiveness in innovation and creativity 
  • Enhance the ability in people to facilitate positive change 
  • Engage in quality conversations that result in improved thinking 
  • Develop core conversation skills that move people from an impasse toward insight and motivated action
  • Inspire human potential and leadership 
  • Improve the quality of relationships with individuals, teams and the workplace
  • Successfully drive and manage change to maximise engagement and performance 
  • Empower individuals and teams to create new habits that stimulate massive action towards productivity and profitability


  1. If your application is accepted, your deposit will be processed and you’ll be granted access to
    SMARTCOACH7 ‘pre-learning’ materials that will give you all you need before attending the 5 day intensive. You can immediately get started doing the exercises, reading the supporting documentation and applying what you learn in your own life.

  2. If your application is accepted and includes payment in full, you’ll be granted access SMARTCOACH7 ‘pre-learning’ materials that will give you all you need before attending the 5 day intensive PLUS you will be invited to join Susan and Caroline’s VIP Group and given access to everything you need to get started working immediately. 

We want to ensure that you are fully conversant in the frameworks, tools and language that we use to maximize the value of our time together in the live training. Two weeks before the 5 day intensive we will introduce you to the closed Facebook Group where you can get to know a few names and faces so you feel comfortable on your first day of training. 


The online community is a place to share successes, failures, challenges and to give and receive encouragement and inspiration. We want you to feel 100% confident. We know how daunting it can be starting something new and not knowing exactly what to do, so one hour before the 5 day intensive starts we will talk you through the basics – where to sit, who to meet, what to focus on – and some mental preparation so that you feel relaxed and ready to start this new and exciting venture. 

What do I do if the training doesn’t work for me? 

We feel very confident that, once you start the training, that you will feel you are in exactly the right place. The pre-training work you do and the conversations and coaching we do with you prepare you mentally, emotionally and physically for the training. Remember this is all about you and making your dreams come true. 

We understand, not everyone can ‘do it’ so without judgement or criticism and, if in the worst case, you really can’t connect with the material or people then you can withdraw from the program. The only cost is your non-refundable deposit and all manuals and workbooks are to be returned to us. You get keep all the pre-learning materials. 





YOU MAKE AS MUCH MONEY AS YOU NEED TO LIVE THE LIFE YOU WANT! One of the key benefits of SMARTCOACH7 is the accountability structure that is in place. Your results are determined by the specific structure of the 7 C’s;

The accountability structure will keep you focused, productive and achieving every goal you set. You will be set up with your own personal accountable ‘check-in companion’ and you will have monthly group sessions with Susan and Caroline, online and/or in person. 

Once you have completed the training and modules 6 and 7 you are invited to crew at future 5 day intensives to further immerse yourself in the learning process and to share your successes and skills with our new coaches.


You can make as much money as you need to live the lifestyle you want. You will know exactly what this is before you attend the 5 day intensive and when you leave the training you will have a 90 day plan that will get you started making money immediately. 

The exciting thing is that as you build your client and customer base and make money then you will find your vision expand, your confidence build and your lifestyle change. 

You may want to write a book, hold workshops, be a speaker, create an online program, build a local coaching practice or join us on our quest to build a global team of coaches changing the world one person at a time… the choice is yours and we are here to show you how to do it. 

Influence Positive Change

SMARTCOACH7 consists of 7 key habits that encourage strength and flexibility when faced with the confrontation of change and to inspire others to do the same.


  1. Embrace a growth mind-set – see change as a choice not a challenge

  2. Always improve personally – focus on progress not perfection and be coachable in your wellness and wealth development

  3. Improve everyday interactions – understand social threats and rewards
  4. Create behavioural change – by encouraging insights and creativity

  5. Be enthusiastic – emotion is the attractor not the circumstance and CELEBRATION is a significant key to success 

‘Change is the Process in the Pursuit of Excellence’

Excellence is the standard by which you monitor what you do. It does not happen by accident, it comes as a result of quality thinking and intended action. In today’s economy the problems that impact business are magnified and the ‘spirit of success’ lost in the belief that it is all too hard. SMARTCOACH7 is a smart investment because it will create a new spirit of enthusiasm in your heart by bringing out the best in you, inspiring and motivating you to creative excellence and business success.



What we expect from you

In our time together we are aiming to work with you to build a coaching business with both linear and leveraged income streams that align with your vision and purpose. SMARTCOACH7 is only for individuals who are serious about wanting to live a better life with great health, financial freedom and the desire to make a difference.

BUSINESS GROWS AS FAST AS YOU GROW PERSONALLY and that is what Coaching is all about!

  1. A positive person who wants to make a difference, to change the world in some way.
  2. Willing to take risks and step outside your comfort zone and willing to experience discomfort and uncertainty to reap the biggest rewards.
  3. Able to see the funny side of things and definitely knows how to not take yourself to seriously all the time.
  4. Motivated to create energy and momentum by taking action on a daily consistent basis. 
  5. Able to take rejection or criticism as a challenge to learn from and to use as inspiration to work even better (only feedback). 
  6. Not afraid to fail.
  7. Know that success in any enterprise is a repetitive process of doing and learning, doing and learning - the true purpose of adversity and failure is to learn from it and do it again but better. 
  8. Clear on what you want and you know that every action brings you closer to your dream
  9. Definitely interested in personal success and understand that to be successful you must believe that life is a value to value exchange. 
  10. Willing to ride at your own pace, think for yourself, and go after what you truly want as a team player
  11. Coachable
  12. Focused and committed to succeed! The 21st century coach expects magic every single day, always expecting the best!        

Now, even if you don't have all of these characteristics, don't  worry, all can be learned with practice and by developing a winning  attitude.

By investing in SMARTCOACH7 wellness coaching, life coaching and/or business coaching business opportunity, you become a member of a team that is here to help and is as focused on your success as we are to our own.  Willing to subscribe to the SMARTCOACH7 values (refer to separate document) 


Most people ‘get into’ coaching because they want to make a difference, to change people’s lives and to share their knowledge and experience. Entrepreneurs are the people that change the world.

Here’s the thing, doing what you love is an absolute must but there are so many things competing for your attention in business so learning how to do the right things, in the right order, with the right people is the difference that makes the real difference to your success. We offer guidance and leadership with insider information, etiquette and procedure tips and tricks, accountability, and advice. No one however ‘self-made’ becomes a millionaire alone; most have more than one mentor or advisor. We are here for you! We love what we do and you can expect truth, authenticity and commitment.

Happiness is the key to success and we work with enthusiasm, excitement and love for all our coaches. Our ultimate wish for you is that you live your exceptional life.

About Us

SUSAN Sheehan


Susan has been a life coach and wellness coaching for 26 years and a business coaching for 10 years. She is a best selling Author, International Speaker, Mum and Managing Partner of SMARTCOACH7 



Your BUSINESS Trainer, Coach and Mentor - Caroline has been a business consultant for 26 years, she is a certified coach, business owner, Mum, Grandmother and Managing Partner of SMARTCOACH7

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