The human body is a natural wonder

The Body in Balance NEEDS the Dynamic Wellness7 Program


In its wholeness, it takes the co-ordinated workings of eleven organ systems just to keep us alive. The genius brain is responsible for most of this intricate activity and it is the efficient and effective communication between the nervous system and the endocrine system that creates balance. Any shift away from some aspect of this balance causes a breakdown in the ‘command and control’ process with a gradual, body-wide decline in mental and physical functioning. 

Most people understand the concept that health, happiness, and productivity at work are related and more and more companies are fostering the belief that it is a smart business objective to incorporate brain training and wellness coaching incorporated into complete wellness plan.

The Business in Growth NEEDS the Dynamic Wellness7 Program


The dynamic wellness coaching program and brain training improves the mental and physical health of individuals. It supports that ‘command and control’ process to provide the body with a steady state of balance (homeostasis). The human body has an innate ability to heal itself when given the right raw materials but even with its complex and intricate choreographed activities ‘to be healthy’ is a simple process within the framework of the dynamic wellness7 program.

 There are three big problems that can cause people to experience a drop-in production and profitability, they are;

1. Self-worth and self-respect

2. Energy and mental and physical health

3. Values and the hierarchy of values

The Happier Person NEEDS the Dynamic Wellness7 Program


The dynamic wellness coaching program and brain training addresses each one of these problems and empowers confidence and certainty in all staff, teams and management. All individuals can feel worthy, loved and appreciated, healthy, alive and energetic as well as happy and totally fulfilled in their work space. 

Working with the dynamic wellness program can also be an effective way to reduce health insurance premium costs, absentees from the work and negative unproductive energy within the work space. All these factors add up to greater levels of productivity and profitability.

Steve Wazniak co-founder of Apple Computer said that “happy people simply perform better’

here's how the dynamic wellness7 program works

Get Started with the Dynamic Wellness7 Program


  1. Use an Employee Survey to Evaluate Needs!
    We focus on the actual needs of each employee or team member. We conduct a simple workplace survey and identify the problems and needs of each person. This will Identify wellness and lifestyle habits and get to the heart of the problems to increase participation in the dynamic wellness coaching and brain training program.

  2. Partnerships with the Right People
    The dynamic wellness program is a team of like-minded professionals that support the company’s wellness policies and tools that may already exist. We build relationships with the right people in your area to support your wellness initiative easily and will less effort

  3. Establish a Written Employee Wellness Handbook
    \We provide a clear precise documented guideline of the dynamic wellness program to educate employees and team members about the wellness initiatives. 

Being Involved in the Dynamic Wellness7 Program


The framework of the dynamic wellness coaching and brain training program includes education and implementation of the following 7 principles; 

BRAIN – information, self-worth, focus and belief

Exercise – fitness, flexibility, endurance and strength

Nutrition – healthy eating and the right supplementation

Balance – sleep, stress, hormones and emotional mastery

Toxins – a clean personal and professional environment

Love of self – personal identify profile and weight loss plans

Prosperity – values, meta programs and money consciousness 

The Dynamic Wellness7 Team


The SMARTCOACH7 dynamic wellness7 team is made up of two professional groups of people:

  1. Wellness and life coaches, NLP practitioners, personal trainers and or group fitness professionals, massage therapists, meditation and yoga instructors, Pilates instructors, and brain training programs.

  2. Doctors, physiotherapists, psychologists, nutritionists, Naturopaths and any other health professional that could be required to support the health and well-being of any individual. 

How the Dynamic Wellness7 Program Works



 The dynamic wellness coaching and brain training program is styled to work in with your culture and people. 

All wellness sessions target mental and physical wellbeing as a pathway to better performance and whether your need is a one-off session at a conference, a boot camp event or a comprehensive program our innovative and effective framework of principles will meet your needs.


The Truth about Success

The Better You or Your People Perform the More Money You and Your Company or Business Wlll Make!

iI takes daily dedication, disciplined thinking, good judgment and energy. It is essential that better choices and greater efficiency be kept accountable and it is the demands to personal responsibility and professional accountability that produces the best results. The dynamic wellness coaching program and brain training creates the balance your organisation or business needs to support the personal growth and wellness of employees, team and/or management. 

There is significant increase in activity and profitability when your people are happy and healthy!

By investing in your people you have chosen to become part of a circle of belief that the quality of life is dependent on personal development, professional guidance and a commitment to change. This includes brain training and wellness coaching. 

An empowering belief, a healthy body and a sense of personal power in each individual...

... is an significant piece of the puzzle in the success of any organisation or business.  Health is your best asset and wealth your best lifestyle.   Brain Training and Wellness Coaching is the INNER work that is neccesary for successful change.


The dynamic wellness coaching and brain training program could be the missing piece to your success formula and it is with great pleasure that we present it to you.