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Experience an interactive and results driven full immersion style event into the key area of human potential. Gain fresh perspectives on learning, leadership and loving self with powerful neuroscience-based tools and approaches to increasing sales, performance and profitability.  This exceptional program helps individuals and organisations fulfill their potential through better understanding on how the human brain functions.  The Brain Training Boot Camp (BTBC), developed by Susan Sheehan, is to encourage change, sharing the latest methodologies and processes that transform how people think, develop and perform.  

The BRAIN Training Boot Camp impacts individuals and organisations with new perspectives on: 

  • The healthy brain
  • Change management
  • Values alignment
  • Language practices
  • Emotional mastery
  • Personal transformation and professional posture
  • Leadership development
  • Money consciousness

Led by Susan, you, your team, coaches, trainers or management will gain fresh insights and renewed focus to tackle some of the most demanding challenges in life and business. 


your people will perform better with a better brain

The Brain Training  Boot Camp is a powerfully effective framework for reconditioning and reprogramming the unconscious brain. 

The brain has deeply ingrained unconscious drivers that influence every decision or judgment you make. They enable you to make decisions efficiently but can stop you from opening your mind to new information and inhibit you from considering new options that could be the difference that makes the difference in achieving success, or not. 

Neuroscience has shown that teaching an individual a new way of looking at something isn’t enough - you need to remove the triggers that activate the drivers.  Embrace the RIGHT Mind-set!

Mind-sets influence success and determine whether you experience change as a positive experience or a negative one. Negative mind-sets undermine productivity, mental and physical wellness. Positive mind-sets are energizing, improve the culture of your people and give them the tools an strategies they need to function at their best.  It starts by changing the information in the brain! 


  • Fixed mind-set(s)?
  • Goal mind-set(s)?
  • Growth mind-set(s) 

It matters...  if you are committed to creating wealth! 

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We are committed to building leaders with a new mind-set and tool kit to be effective in the rising challenges of today’s world. 

The measurement of success begins with ‘quality thoughts and ends with a stamp of excellence.’ Nothing less!   


The BRAIN Training Boot Camp is delivered as a training, event or personal program for the sole purpose of showing people how they can perform better and live a wealthier life.  

It is simple really, happy, healthy people simply perform better, our research has shown that most people want more, they just need guidance and leadership on how to make to happen.  

Talk to us today and see how the BRAIN Training Boot Camp would help your people perform better. Call today on 0426 711 485