Train your brain, get goals, jump hurdles, be healthy, make money with a peak performance coach.



Understanding Peak Performance Coaching as we apply it, is a combination of Life, Business, Wellness and very often Wealth coaching. It is useful to look at a simple definition: “Peak Performance Coaching is all about helping people to reach their own full potential in any area of their lives that matter to them”

Basically it creates a forward shift for people that they can see, know and feel. It involves real impacts in our mental, physical, emotional, psychological and social well-being. It is fundamentally results-driven. Getting a tangible, measurable result is what people are willing to pay good money for.

‘Performance coaching’ used to be applied in situations most usually where a key management person was literally on the way out or ‘on the skids’ (yes, about to be fired) for ‘perceived’ non-performance. 

We see this very differently; in fact we see it as a more strategic and positive paradigm than the rather negative one above. To perform at our best in a business, running a team as its manager/leader in an organisation we must have all the above areas running at optimum levels. We believe this is a problem with a clear solution. This coaching needs to be applied early on in a management/leadership career, not at the likely end of it.  

We address the whole person not just their actions. Their actions are the result of all of these factors blending together as if people were athletes. Getting the best nutrition, coaching, practice, mental approach, equipment, medical care, rest, recovery, etc, are vital factors in athletic success. 

This sports analogy is where this coaching grew out of. Extracting a personal best performance is multi-factored. Just demanding someone to be able to perform at a peak level is clearly not enough. There has to be professional guidance. Education about what to do to perform better is just the start. We must learn then how to do it. In fact, our personal why we want to at all is often the key driver. Amazingly this point is often completely overlooked.

We believe the whole person can be engaged to get the outcomes desired. Peak performance coaching is reaching deeper into the occupational world, even at start-up levels. Organisations, alarmed at the massive disengagement of their human capital (people), are embracing it. Even among senior executives, engagement (thus performance) is not great. That isn’t a good recipe for achieving group goals let alone individual ones.  

Get goals, jump hurdles, be healthy, make money with a peak performance coach.

Our coaching is often about re-framing the why and the how of what we do. The objective is to get us feeling better, performing better and building more cooperative relationships. It is about mindset, clearing limiting beliefs and learning to trust in our intuition again. 

This is what we teach and we use a range of proven and practical tools to 

do it. 

Tools such as brain training, mindfulness, focused questioning and active listening. We have strong corporate backgrounds and loads of life experience so we know what we are talking about. We are coaches who have coaches so we can talk the talk and walk the walk. Truly successful people have coaches.

Many practitioners know that feeling better leads to performing better overall. Performing better across the whole spectrum of our lives is the way to a satisfying, productive and useful life. This is clearly a fantastic and practical objective for many of us.