INNER WORK (brain power) + OUTER WORK (skill-set)

See More, Do More, Create More, Be More, Have More!


 Coaching is a form of personal alchemy,  it shows you how to move from a ‘human do-ing’ to a ‘human be-ing” you add value to yourself. It is all about transformation, transforming something ordinary to extraordinary.  It is a process of change through converting base thoughts and desires into the thinking and actions that produce healthy, wealthy outcomes.

Neuroscientists (scientists who specialize in how the brain works) have discovered that how well your brain performs affects your success in how your business grows, whether you lose weight, or not and how you ultimately live your life.

Athletes that want to be the best, ALWAYS approach a sport without the support of a great COACH. It is the structure, education, management, encouragement, guidance, inspiration  and accountability from their COACH that gets them reaching their peak level of performance.

So the question is…

1. What would your life look like if you had 5 times the financial success you currently enjoy?

2. What would you be doing if you had more energy, vitality, physical stamina & mental alertness?

3. What would your outcome be if you had unstoppable confidence?

And here is a thought…

Your PROFITS, Perfect BODY or PROSPERITY Could Be Locked DEEP in Your Unconscious BRAIN!

Coaching started out as a way to help frenzied entrepreneurs and corporate executives cope with a life that seemed to be going out of control.  It ‘takes a holistic view of the individual’ ensuring that work, business/corporate values, personal needs and improved health are made to work in synergy and not against each other NOW, what started as a ‘corporate client’ service has now become a valuable tool for any individual wanting to improve their life.  Like everything we do in life there is a process and system that will guarantee success and coaching has its own formula to follow.

You Know What You Know and You Know How You Do It BUT The Question I Would Like To Ask You Is…

· Do you see what you don’t know?

· Are you doing it the right way?

The answer to these questions is easy, and the best way to answer it is with a question…


If the answer is YES, then CONGRATULATIONS… if the answer is NO then you need to read on…

1. Training Your Brain to See Beyond What You Can See is step 1… (this is the first thing we show you) and…

2. Identifying your skill-set and what you specifically need is step 2 (we help you with this also0

SO, What is Your Biggest Problem

1. Would you like to make more money? YES I Would

2. Would you like to get rid of your unwanted body fat? YES I Would

3. Would you like to FEEL more confident? YES I Would

Whatever your problem, we are here to help you find a solution.  It is easier than what you think, 

simple to do and has the potential to change your life

SO, Why does Coaching work?

Coaching works because it helps expand your thinking and makes  you more aware of 

your situation.  Working with a professional coach  gives you the opportunity to;

· See things clearly

· Examine options

· Make better choices

· Solve problems quickly

· Achieve the RIGHT outcome.

Coaching is a venue for you to discover YOU, and your success grows as fast as you do.  Your coach opens your mind to your hopes and  dreams and makes you see that all is possible, while keeping you accountable for getting all your goals every time

A  Coach from SMARTCOACH7 will ‘Train Your Brain’ (using the latest neuroscience) so that your outer world is a reflection of your  inner belief. Whether you want to lose weight, grow your business or make more money with a new truth in mind your journey to success is an easier one.  In fact it becomes an unconscious behaviour, which means you do not have to think about it. 

What would you like to accomplish?

Our Coaches are trained professionals and flexibility is our middle name.  We are very aware that ‘life happens’ so we pride ourselves in working closely with your time and schedules. Coaching is a personal journey and whether you need a Coach to build your Confidence, improve your Health or make more money in your business, we delight in working closely with you to design a program that will guarantee you get the results you want.

We can work with you from almost anywhere in the world and the Head Office is on the Gold Coast Australia.  You can work with a Coach one-on-one, in a small group, attend workshops on and off online.  It is all about you and what is going to work best for you to create the change you are looking for.


· Be confident in knowing that we work with the utmost integrity and confidentiality

· Have peace of mind that we personally guarantee you will get the results you want

· Feel comfortable with our Coaches because they have experienced change and are passionate 

about helping you achieve the same

· Do the work knowing that you have a Coach keeping you accountable & helping you solve problems every step of the way

· Be happy that there are no hidden costs as we discuss all costs upfront and before we start working together

· Feel relaxed because all our Coaches have police checks and hold first aid certificates

· Have absolute certainty that your investment is the right choice for you because 

our programs have been designed to work specifically for and with you

Coaching WILL change your life for the better but remember, better isn’t something 

you wish for, it is something that you become.





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